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Getting fit has Never Been This Personal

Discover the power of personal guidance and achieve your fitness goals.


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Grow Studio is all about growth! Fulfilling your true potential. We choose a life full of energy, fun and passion in which we achieve goals. We are not afraid to work hard for this.

Through Personal Training, Small group Workouts, Nutrition advice and Lifestyle advice, we work together to guide you to your goal as quickly as possible.

Get to know a small-scale, exclusive but down to earth community now.

Results with your own coach

We think quality is very important in your journey to results. That is why you work closely together under the guidance of your own coach. Your coach is the one who knows you, makes your nutrition plan and motivates you to persevere and achieve results.


​The beauty of your own coach? You never do it alone, but together with someone who has a lot of experience in achieving results.

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Don't know what to do in a big gym? Don't know the truth about losing weight and eating healthy? Do you not like training yourself?

At Grow Studio you have variety and clarity. In this way, the trainers can ensure that you do not get bored during a training and that you regularly get different exercises. And the best thing? We give you clarity. You know that everything you do is right, because of the constant presence of a trainer who helps you with all your questions.

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At Grow Studio we focus on Personal Training. These are 45-minute sessions where you work with your trainer to become stronger, fitter and healthier. We keep track of all progress in your personal document. Here you can also find your weight sheet and your personal nutritional advice.

We also have Small Group Workouts. You work on your goals in a small group under the guidance of a trainer. The following classes are offered:

- Personal Small Group (Strength and Conditioning, 1 on 6)

- Heart & Hustle (Condition, 1 on 6)

- Strength circuit (Strength, 1 on 8)

Personal Training and Small Group Workouts are often combined for the most optimal result!

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Nice place to get Personal Training or to train in a small group. Under professional guidance from Michel, who teaches you exercises in peace and who can properly assess what you can handle as much as possible. In this gym it's not about showing off your own body and impressing others, but really about your own progress and, above all, having fun in training! In addition, you will also be helped with nutritional advice to get the most out of the training sessions in all areas.

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At Grow studio there is a lot of personal attention to work on your personal goals. Not only with the Personal Training, but also with the Small Group Workouts!
It is a nice gym and small-scale character feels familiar.

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The perfect mix of hard training and relaxing! You are in good hands with Michel! The training sessions are really tailored to your preferences, with Michel always pushing you to challenge your own limits! Highly recommended for anyone who really wants to go through life fitter

What do our members think?

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GROW is a very nice place to train. Michel and Morris not only have a lot of knowledge, they know how to motivate me time and time again, provide challenging schedules / exercises and are just very nice people! I have never felt so comfortable in a "gym". The contact with the other members is also nice. Because it is small-scale, you know who the other members are and you can have a chat, encourage each other and learn from each other.
Very nice place!

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Michel and his trainers are very good Personal trainers and you notice that throughout his studio. Grow PT challenges, contributes and lets you look at training in a refreshing way. My goals have been achieved! Thanks master!!

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I can only say 'fantastic'. Becoming a member of a PT studio is quite a step: personal and financial, but Michel and his team go above and beyond. It is a personal approach, you feel welcome and training feels like playing outside and not like an assignment.

Sign up today!

Let's meet! While enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea, we can map out your goals, let you experience the atmosphere and further explain our working method.​

Everyone is welcome!

It is often thought that there are specific requirements to become a member of a Personal Training studio, but this is not true. Everyone is welcome at Grow Studio. Our members consist of novice athletes, advanced athletes, people with injuries, people with a sports goal, but also people with depression who start exercising again under supervision.

Our current members are working on the following goals:

- To fall off

- Build up after pregnancy

- For the first time 100 kg bench press

- Recover after depression and anxiety attacks

- Getting summer ready

- Build muscle to look and feel athletic

- Exercise on the advice of the doctor, at the age of 63

- Rounder buttocks

- Getting better and more explosive at tennis

- Getting stronger in the core due to golf

Whatever your goal is, we can help you with it!

What are you waiting for? Feel free to drop by to see if Grow Studio is a match with your personal wishes.

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